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This website is intended to freely teach and share the hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church.  The Hazzat font is made in order to make long Coptic hymns easier to learn.

The Hazzat method is not a new concept, but it has been used by the Coptic Church (mainly the deacons) for a long time.  However, this is the first time to be made into a font.  The idea is to make the following feasible:

  1. Store all hymns on the computer, instead of papers all around.
  2. Be able to share these hymns with friends.
  3. Post these hymns on the internet for teaching.
  4. Make it look nice and uniform.
  5. Set a standard for other fonts for the same purpose.


The website contains some of the Coptic Hymns in Text and Hazzat.  You can browse through the available hymns by seasons , by hymn type, or by hymn tune.

The Hazzat font is freeware, to be shared by Copts and non-Copts all over the world.  Just one request from author... Please share your hymns with everybody for teaching purpose.

Freely you have received, freely give (Mt 10:8)

Thank you, and may God reward you.

Webmaster @ hazzat.com

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