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Download the 2009 Coptic Weddings Hazzat Booklet.  It contains the following hymns:
  • O King of Peace (Epouro)
  • The Hymn of Blessing (Ten Ouosht)
  • Shere Maria
  • Shere ne Maria
  • Semouti
  • Ee Parthenos
  • Verses of Cymbals
  • Tee Estolee
  • Nikhora
  • Hymn of the Holy Spirit’s Descent (Pi Epnevma)
  • Wedding Liturgy Psalm
  • Gospel Response (Nai Etaf)
  • Response for Placing the Crowns
  • Glorification (Khen Efran)
  • Introduction to the Bridegroom’s Commandments
  • Introduction to the Bride’s Commandments
  • Introduction to the Final Blessing

Feel free to print, copy, and distribute the booklet with no restrictions.

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