Epiphany Hymns

"This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" (Matthew 17:5)

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Verses of Cymbals

We worship the Father and the Son: and the Holy Spirit: Hail to the Church: the house of the Angels.
Tenouwst `mviwt nem `psyri@  nem p=i=p=na =e=;=u@  ,ere ]ekklycia@  `pyi `nte niaggeloc.
Hail to the Virgin: who bore our Savior: Hail to Gabriel: who announced it to her.
<ere ]par;enoc@  etacmec pen=c=w=r@  ,ere Gabriyl@  etafhisennoufi nac.
Hail to Michael: the Archangel: Hail to the twenty-four: Priests.
<ere Mi,ayl@  piar,yaggeloc@  ,ere pi=kd=@  `mprecbuteroc.
Hail to the Cherubim: Hail to the Seraphim: Hail to all the: heavenly orders.
<ere ni,eroubim@  ,ere niceravim@  ,ere nitagma tyrou@  `nepouranion.
Hail to John: the great forerunner: Hail to the twelve: Apostles.
<ere I=w=a@  pinis] `mprodromoc@  ,ere pii=b@  `napoctoloc.
Hail to our father Mark: the Evangelist: the destroyer: of idols.
<ere peniwt Markoc@  peuaggelictyc@  pirefjwr ebol@  `nte nidwlon.
Hail to Stephen: the first martyr: Hail to George: the morning star.
<ere Ctevanoc@  pisorp `m¢@  ,ere Gewrgioc@  piciou `nte hanatooui.
Hail to the whole choir: of the martyrs: Hail to Abba Anthony: and the three Makari.
<ere p,oroc tyrf@  `nte ni¢@  ,ere abba Antwni@  nem pi=g Makarioc.
Hail to the choir: of the cross-bearers: Hail to all the saints: who have pleased the Lord.
<ere p,oroc tyrf@  `nte nictaurovoroc@  ,ere ny=e=;=u tyrou@  etauranaf `mp¡.
Through their prayers: O Christ our King: have mercy upon us: in Your kingdom.
Hiten noueu,y@  P=,=c penouro@  ari ounai neman@  qen tekmetouro.
This is My beloved Son:  in Whom My soul is pleased:  He has done My will.  Listen to Him:  for He is the Giver of Life.
Vai pe pasyri pamenrit@  `eta ta'u,y ]ma] `nqytf@  afer paouws cwtem `ncwf@  je `n;of pe pireftanqo.
Rejoice like lambs:  O Jordan and its wilderness:  for unto you came the Lamb:  Who carries away the sin of the world.
:elyl `m`vry] `nhanhiyb@  `w piIordanyc nem pef`drimoc@  je a`fi sarok `nje pihiyb@  vyet`wli `m`vnobi `mpikocmoc.
A name of pride is your name:  O kinsman of Emmanuel:  You are great among all saints:  O John the Baptist.
Ouran `nsousou pe pekran@  `w picuggenyc `nEmmanouyl@  `n;ok ounis] qen nye;ouab tyrou@  Iwannyc piref]wmc.
Hail to John:  the great forerunner:  Hail to the priest:  the kinsman of Emmanuel.
<ere Iwannyc@  pinis] `m`prodromoc@  ,ere piouyb@  `pcuggenyc `nEmmanouyl.
Jesus Christ is He:  yesterday, today and forever:  one iconum:  we worship and glorify Him.
I=yc P=,c `ncaf nem voou@  `n;of `n;of pe nem sa `eneh@  qen ouhupoctacic@  tenouwst `mmof ten]`wou naf.
O King of peace:  grant us Your peace:  establish for us Your peace:  and forgive us our sins.
`Pouro `nte ]hiryny@  moi nan `ntekhiryny@  cemni nan `ntekhiryny@  ,a nennobi nan ebol.
Disperse the enemies:  of the Church:  fortify her:  that she may not be shaken forever.
Jwr `ebol `nnijaji@  `nte ]ekklyci`a@  `aricobt `eroc@  `nneckim sa `eneh.
Emmanuel our God:  is now in our midst:  with the glory of His Father:  and the Holy Spirit.
Emmanouyl Pennou]@  qen tenmy] ]nou@  qen `p`wou `nte Pefiwt@  nem Pi=p=neuma e;ouab.
May He bless us all:  purify our hearts:  and heal the sicknesses:  of our souls and bodies.
`Ntef`cmou `eron tyren@  `nteftoubo `nnenhyt@  `nteftal[o `nniswni@  `nte nen'u,y nem nencwma.
We worship You O Christ:  with Your Good Father:  and the Holy Spirit:  for You were baptized and saved us.
Tenouwst `mmok `w P=,c@  nem Pekiwt `n`aga;oc@  nem Pi=p=na e;ouab@  je ak[iwmc akcw] `mmon nai nan.