Epiphany Hymns

"This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" (Matthew 17:5)

Seasons > Epiphany > Liturgy: Ouran Enshoushou

Ouran Enshoushou

A name of pride is your name:  O kinsman of Emmanuel:  You are great among all saints:  O John the Baptist.
Ouran `nsousou pe pekran@  `w picuggenyc `nEmmanouyl@  `n;ok ounis] qen nye;ouab tyrou@  Iwannyc piref]wmc.
You are higher than the patriarchs:  more honored than the prophets:  for no one born of women:  is as great as you.
`K[oci `enipatriar,yc@  `ktaiyout `eni`provytyc@  je `mpe ouon twnf qen nijinmici@  `nte nihiomi ef`oni `mmok
Come and hear the wise:  the golden tongued, Theodosius:  saying about the honor of the baptizer:  John the Baptist.
Amwini cwtem `epicovoc@  pilac `nnoub :e`odocioc@  efjw `m`ptaio `mpibaptictyc@  Iwannyc piref]wmc.
For, what should I call you?:  How should I honor you?:  And with whom could I liken you?:  O merited of every honor.
Je ainamou] `erok je nim@  ainataiok `nas `nry]@  aina,ak `nas `n`cmot@  `w vy`ete `m`psa `ntaio niben.
You are the sweetness of the fruits:  You are the movement of the branches:  You are the flower of the trees:  growing in the land of the lilies.
`N;ok pe `pholj `nnikarpoc@  `n;ok pe `pkim `nte ni`kladoc@  `n;ok pe piviri `ebol `nte ni`ssyn@  etryt qen `pkahi `nte pi`,rinon.
Intercede on our behalf:  O forerunner and baptizer:  John the Baptist:  that He may forgive us our sins.
Ari`precbeuin `e`hryi `ejwn@  `w pi`prodromoc `mbaptictyc@  Iwannyc peref]wmc@  `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.