Paramoune of Epiphany Hymns

The sea saw and fled:  and the Jordan turned back:
What happened, O sea, that you fled?  Stand firm so that you will be blessed.

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A great mystery:  was revealed to you:  O John the forerunner:  the son of Zacharias.
Ounis] `mmuctyrion@  `etafouonhf nak `ebol@  `w Iwannyc pi`prodromoc@  `psyri `nZa,ariac.
The mouth of God witnessed to you:  O John the Baptist:  for there is no one like you:  among those born of women.
Rwf `m`Vnou] aferme;re qarok@  `w Iwannyc piref]wmc@  je `mmon vy`ettencwn] `erok@  qen nimici `nte nihiomi.
You are the completion of the prophets:  who came before our Savior:  You prepared His path:  according to the sayings of Isaiah.
`N;ok pe `pjwk `nni`povytyc@  `etau`i qajof `mpencwtyr@  akcob] `nnefma`mmosi@  kata `pcaji `nYca`yac.
You preached saying:  “I baptize you:  with the waters of repentance:  for the forgiveness of sins.”
Nak hiwis ekjw `mmoc@  je `anok men ]wmc `mmwten@  qen oumwou `mmetanoia@  `e`p,w `ebol `nte ninobi.
He who has two cloaks:  let him give to him who has none:  and he who has bread:  let him do the same.
Pete ouontef `s;yn `cnou]@  ef`et `mpete `mmon `ntaf@  ouoh pete ouontaf `nouwik@  mare`firi on `mpairy].
Wherefore we praise:  crying out with the prophet:  saying, “Everybody will see:  the salvation of God.”
E;be vai tener,wreuin@  enws `ebol nem pi`provytyc@  je eu`enau `nje carx niben@  `epicwtyr `nte `Vnou].
Let us worship our Savior:  the Good and Lover of Mankind:  for He had compassion on us:  and came and saved us.
Marenouwst `mpencwtyr@  pimairwmi `n`aga;oc@  je `n;of afsenhyt qaron@  a`fi ouoh afcw] `mmon.
We praise Him and glorify Him:  and exalt him above all:  as Good and Lover of Mankind:  Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.
Tenhwc `erof ten]`wou naf@  tenerhou`o [ici `mmof@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@  nai nan kata peknist `nnai.