Kiahk Hymns

Listen, O daughter, Consider and incline your ear;
Forget your own people also, and your father's house;
So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him.

Seasons > Kiahk > Vespers & Matins: Fifth Doxology

Fifth Doxology

When the lot fell on Zacharias:  to offer up incense:  He went into the temple:  and fulfilled his service.
Eta piwp `i `eZa,ariac@  `etale ou`c;oinoufi `e`pswi@  afse `eqoun `epiervei@  afjwk `mpefsemsi `ebol.
An angel appeared to him:  at the right side of the altar:  while he was offering up incense:  saying, “Do not be afraid, Zacharias.”
Ouaggeloc afouonhf `erof@  caouinam `mpima`nerswousi@  eftale ou`c;oinoufi `e`pswi@  je `mpererho] Za,ariac.
“For He saw you honor:  and your wife, Elizabeth:  will bear for you a son:  and you will call his name, John.”
Afnau gar `epektaio@  ouoh tek`chimi Elicabet@  ec`emici nak `nousyri@  ek`emou] `epefran je Iwannyc.
Zacharias the priest:  at the right side of the altar:  while putting incense:  Gabriel said to him.
Ouoh Za,ariac piouyb@  caouinam `mpima`nerswousi@  ef,w `mpi`c;oinoufi@  Gabriyl afcaji nemaf.
Your wife, Elizabeth:  will give birth to a son:  and there will be joy and gladness:  for you at his birth.
Je tek`chimi Elicabet@  ec`emici nak `nousyri@  `ere ourasi swpi nak@  nem ou;elyl qen pefjinmici.
How can this be for me:  for I am old:  and my wife, Elizabeth:  is barren and cannot give birth?!
Je pwc vai naswpi `mmoi@  `epidy aierqello@  ouoh ta`chimi Elicabet@  oua[ryn te ec`emici an.
You will be must:  until the child is born:  When your eyes see him:  you will glorify the God of Israel.
Ek`eswpi ek,w `nrwk@  satoumici `mpi`alou@  ausannau `nje nekbal@  `,na]`wou `m`Vnou] `mpIcrayl.
Gabriel was sent:  by the King of Glory:  to a city of Galilee:  its name is Nazareth.
Auouwrp `nGabriyl@  `ebolhiten `pouro `nte `p`wou@  `eoubaki `nte ]Galilea@  `epecran pe Nazare;.
To a young virgin girl:  from the house of David:  Her name is Mary:  the daughter of King David.
Ha ou`alou `mpar;enoc@  `ebolqen `pyi `nDauid@  `epecran pe Mariam@  `tseri `m`pouro Dauid.
You were strengthening her:  saying, “Rejoice and be glad:  Hail to you, O full of grace:  and the Lord is with you.”
Akswpi ek]nom] nac@  je rasi ounof `mmo@  je ,ere ;ye;meh `n`hmot@  ouoh `P[oic sop neme.
Hail to you, O Virgin:  the right and true Queen:  Hail to the pride of our race:  You bore for us Emmanuel.
<ere ne `w ]par;enoc@  ]ourw `mmyi `naly;iny@  ,ere `psousou `nte penjenoc@  are`jvo nan `nEmmanouyl.
We ask you, remember us:  O our trusted advocate:  before our Lord Jesus Christ:  that He may forgive us our sins.
Ten]ho aripenmeu`i@  `w ]`proctatyc etenhot@  nahren Pen=o=c I=yc P=,=c@  `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.