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Your mercies O my Lord, I will praise:  forever and ever:  and from generation to generation:  I will declare Your truth with my mouth.
Neknai `w Pa[oic ]nahwc `mmwou@  sa `eneh `nte pi`eneh@  ouoh icjen jwou sa jwou@  ]najw `ntekme;myi qen rwi.
My sins reached above my head:  and are too heavy for me:  O God, hear my sighs:  and cast them away from me.
Na`anomia au[ici `eta`ave@  ouoh au`hros `e`hryi `ejwi@  `Vnou] cwtem `epafi`ahom@  hioui `mmwou `ebolharoi.
Make me like the publican:  who sinned against You:  You were compassionate toward him:  and forgave him his sins.
Aritt `m`vry]  `mpitelwnyc@  vy`etafernobi `erok@  aksenht `e`hryi `ejwf@  ak,a nefnobi naf `ebol.
Make me like the adulteress:  whom You have saved:  raised and delivered:  for she had pleased You.
Aritt `m`vry] `n]porny@  ;y`etakcw] `mmoc `ebol@  aktounoc aknohem `mmoc@  je acranak `mpek`m;o.
Make me like the thief:  who was crucified at Your right hand:  He confessed You:  likewise saying.
Aritt `m`vry] `mpiconi@  vy`etauasf `nca tekou`inam@  afer`omologin `mmok@  `mpairy] efjw `mmoc.
“Remember me, O my Lord:  Remember me, O my God:  Remember me, O my King:  when You come into Your kingdom.”
Je `aripame`ui `w Pa[oic@  `aripameu`i `w Panou]@  `aripameui `w Paouro@  aksan`i qen tekmetouro.
For You, my Savior:  did accept his confession:  You were compassionate toward him:  and sent him to the paradise.
`N;ok de `w Pacwtyr@  akswp `erok `ntef`omologia@  aksenhyt `e`hryi `ejwf@  afouorpf `epiparadicoc.
Likewise I, the sinner:  Jesus, my God and my True King:  have compassion on me:  and make as one of these.
Anok hw qa pirefernobi@  I=y=c Panou] paouro `mmyi@  sana`h;yk `e`hryi `ejwi@  aritt `m`vry] `nouai `nnai.
I know that You are Good:  compassionate and merciful:  Remember me in Your mercy:  forever and ever.
}cwoun je `n;ok ou`aga;oc@  `nrefsenhyt ouoh `nnayt@  `aripame`ui qen peknai@  sa `eneh `nte pi`eneh.
I pray to You, O my Lord Jesus:  do not destroy me in Your anger:  nor with Your wrath:  Chasten me for my ignorance.
}twbh `mmok `w Pa[oic I=y=c@  `mpercohi `mmoi qen pekjwnt@  oude on qen pek`mbon@  `mper]`cbw `ntametat`emi.
For You do not desire the death of a sinner:  rather that he may return and live:  Have pity on my weakness:  and do not look at me in anger.
Je `,ouws `m`vmou an `mpirefernobi@  `m`vry] `ntefkotf ouoh `ntefwnq@  sana`h;yk `ntametjwb@  `mpercomc `eroi qen ou`mbon.
I have sinned, Jesus my Lord:  I have sinned, Jesus my God:  My King, do not count:  the sins I have committed.
Aiernobi I=y=c Pa[oic@  aiernobi I=y=c Panou]@  paouro `mperwp `eroi@  `nninobi etaiaitou.
I ask You, O My Savior:  let Your mercies come to me. And save me from the troubles:  that come to my soul.
}]ho `erok `w Pacwtyr@  mare nekme;nayt tahoi@  `ntounohem `mmoi qen ni`anagky@  et] oube `eta'u,y.
Do not burn me for my ignorance:  as You did Sodom:  Do not destroy me:  as You did Gomorrah.
`Mperhi `,rwm `etametatcwoun@  `m`vry] hwf `nCodoma@  oude on `mpertakoi@  `m`vry] hwf `nGomorra.
But my Lord, deal with me:  as You did with the people of Nineveh:  those who repented:  You forgave them their sins.
Alla Pa[oic arioui nemyi@  `m`vry] `nniremNineuy@  nai `etauermetanoin@  ak,a nounobi nwou `ebol.
But let Your mercies:  come to me quickly my Lord:  that I may cry out with these people:  with an unceasing voice.
Alla mare nekme;nayt@  tahoi Pa[oic qen ouiyc@  `ntaws `ebol nem pailaoc@  qen ou`cmy `nat,arwc.
Wherefore I pray to You:  Lord God, my Savior:  do not judge me:  I, the weak and the sinful.
E;be vai ]twbh `mmok@  `P[oic `Vnou] Pacwtyr@  `mper`iri `nouhap nemyi@  `anok qa pijwb `nrefernobi.
But absolve me and forgive me:  my many transgressions:  as Good and Lover of Mankind:  Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.
Alla bwl `ebol ,w nyi `ebol@  `nnapara`ptwma etos@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@  nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.