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Hymn for Communion (A Great Mystery)

A great mystery:  beyond all human minds:  is the pursuit of our Savior:  Who came and became the Son of Man.
Ounis] `mmuctyrion@  efca`pswi `eninouc `nrwmi@  pe `pjinmosi `mPencwtyr@  etaf`I afswpi `nsyri `nrwmi.
The Good Lover of Mankind:  Who sustained Israel:  forty years in the wilderness:  came and became the Son of Man.
Pimairwmi `n`aga;oc vy`etafsans `mpIcrayl@  `n`hme `nrompi hi `psafe@  af`I afswpi `nsyri `nrwmi.
When He completed the humility:  after thirty years:  He was baptized and He fasted:  forty days and forty nights.
`Etafjwk `mpi;ebio@  menenca map `nrompi `ncyou@  af[iwmc afernycteuin@  `n`hme `n`ehoou nem `hme `njwrh.
He was praying with the wild animals:  and fasting in the wilderness:  that we may do like Him:  in the times of solitude.
Naf,y nem ni;yrion@  `etafernycteuin hi `psafe@  hina `nten`iri `mpefry]@  qen `pcyou `nten `yci,ia.
Come, let us cry to Him:  and weep before Him:  crying out saying:  as He taught us.
Amwini `ntenws oubyf@  ouoh `ntenrimi nahraf@  enws `ebol enjw `mmoc@  `m`vry] `etaf`tcabon.
Our Father Who art in heaven:  Hallowed be Thy name:  from generation to all generations:  forever and ever.
Je Peniwt etqen nivyoui@  mareftoubo `nje pekran@  gene`a niben ke gene`a@  sa `eneh `nte pi`eneh.
The Body and the Blood that are Yours for the forgiveness of sins with the New Testament which You gave to Your disciples.
Picwma nem pi`cnof `ntak@  pe `p,w `ebol `nte nennobi@  nem ]di`a;yky `mberi@  `etakty`ic `nnekma;ytyc.
We took from them this example which You gave them to do it all the time till Your Second Coming.
Anon an[I `ebol hitotou@  `mpaitupoc `etaktyif nwou e;renaif kata cyou niben@  sa pekjin`I `mmah `cnau.
Now we partook of Your True Body and Blood, a renewal of our hearts and forgiveness of our sins.
}nou an[I `ebolqen pekcwma@  nem pek`cnof `naly;inon@  `a penhyt erberi eron@  nem ou,w `ebol `nte nennobi.
Cast the demons away from us to complete in peace for we have none but only You in our tribulations and hardships.
`{oji `nnidemwn haron@  e;renjwk `ebol qen ouhiryny@  je `mmon `ntan `ebyl `erok qen nenhojhej nem nen`;li'ic.
We are Your people and the sheep of Your flock, do not look to our sins as Gracious and Lover of mankind.
Je `anon gar pe peklaoc@  nem ni`ecwou `nte pek`ohi@  cini `nnen `anomi`a@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi.
Let us be worthy of Your grace, O Savior, in these days, to become without sin and in pure fasting.
Ouoh `ariten `ne`m`psa@  `mpek`hmot `w pirefnohem@  qen nai `ehoou enoi `n`a;nobi@  nem ounycti`a ectoubyout.
Let us love one another and be humble for through love, we fulfill the commandments.
Marenmenre nen`eryou `nten`iri `mpi;ebi`o@  je `ebolhiten ]`agapi@  sanjwk `ebol `nnientoly.
The Law and the Prophets are love without hypocrisy, for through love we can obtain forgiveness.
Pinomoc nem ni`provytyc@  pe ]`agapi `n`a;metsobi@  je `ebolhiten ]`agapi ten[I `mpi,w `ebol.
Let the doors of the Churches be open for us, and confirm us perfectly in the straight faith to attain the faithful promise of Your mouth.
<a `vro `nniek`klyci`a efouyn nan@  jokten qen pinah] etcoutwn@  hina `nten[i `mpiws `etenhot `ebolqen rwk.
Which says "Come, you that are blessed by My Father inherit eternal life".
Je `amwini haroi `ncwten@  ny`et`cmarwout `nte paiwt@  `ari`klyronomin `mpi`wnq e;myn `ebol sa `eneh.