Kiahk Hymns

Listen, O daughter, Consider and incline your ear;
Forget your own people also, and your father's house;
So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him.

Seasons > Kiahk > Vespers & Matins: Sixth Doxology

Sixth Doxology

You are truly great:  O announcer of good news:  among the angelic ranks:  and the heavenly orders.
`N;ok ounis] `aly;wc@  `w pifaisennoufi `nkaloc@  qen nitaxic `naggelikon@  nem nitagma `n`epouranion.
Gabriel, the announcer of good news:  the great among the angels:  and the hold orders on high:  who carry flaming, fiery swords.
Gabriyl pifaisennoufi@  pinis] qen niaggeloc@  nem nitagma e;ouab et[oci@  etfai qa `tcyfi `nsah `n`,rwm.
For Daniel the prophet:  has seen your honor:  and you have revealed to him the mystery:  of the Life-Giving Trinity.
Afnau gar `epektaio@  `nje Daniyl pi`provytyc@  ouoh aktamof `epimuctyrion@  `n]`triac `nreftanqo.
And unto Zacharias the priest:  you have announced good news:  of the birth of the forerunner:  John the Baptist.
Ouoh Za,ariac piouyb@  `n;ok akhisennoufi naf@  qen `pjinmici `mpi`prodromoc@  Iwannyc piref]wmc.
You have also announced to the Virgin:  saying, “Hail to you, who has found grace:  the Lord is with you.  You will give birth:  to the Savior of the whole world.”
Akhisennoufi on `n]par;enoc@  je ,ere ;ye;meh `n`hmot@  `P=o=c neme teramici@  `mpi=c=w=r `mpikocmoc tyrf.
Intercede on our behalf:  O holy archangel:  Gabriel the announcer:  that He may forgive us our sins.
Ari`precbeuin `e`hryi `ejwn@  `w piar,iaggeloc =e=;=u@  Gabriyl pifaisennoufi@  `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.