Passion (Pascha) Week - Maundy Thursday Hymns

He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, And as a sheep before its shearers is silent, So He opened not His mouth (Isa 53:7)

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Aspasmos Adam

The Bread of Life:  that came down:  to us from heaven:  gave life to the world.
Piwik `nte `pwnq@  `etaf`i `epecyt@  nan `ebolqen `tve@  af] `m`pwnq `mpikocmoc.
You bore Him without blemish:  He gave us His Body:  and His honored Blood:  We live forever.
Aremacf a[ne ;wleb@  af] nan `mpefcwma@  nem pef`cnof ettaiyout@  anwnq sa `eneh.
That we may praise you with the cherubim and the seraphim, proclaiming and saying:
Hina `ntenhwc `erok nem ni,eroubim nem niceravim@  enws `ebol enjw `mmoc.
Holy, holy, holy, O Lord, the Pantocrator, Heaven and earth are full of Your glory and honor.
Je `,ouab `,ouab `,ouab@  ;`P[oic pipantokratwr@  `tve nem `pkahi meh `ebol@  qen pek`wou nem pektaio.
We ask you, O Son of God:  to keep the life of our patriarch:  Pope Abba Tawadros, the high priest.  Confirm him upon his throne.
Ten]ho `erok `w Uioc :eoc@  e;rek`areh `e`pwnq `mpenpatriar,yc@  papa abba Tawadroc piar,i`ereuc@  matajrof hijen pef`;ronoc.

In the presence of a metropolitan or a bishop:
And his partner in the [apostolic] liturgy, our holy, righteous father Abba (...) the metropolitan (bishop).  Confirm him upon his throne.
Nem pefke`svyr `nlitourgoc peniwt e;ouab `ndikeoc@  abba (...) pimytropolityc (pi`epickopoc)@  matajrof hijen pef`;ronoc.