Ascension Hymns

He shook heaven and went up with clouds under His feet
He rode on the Cherubim and flew, He flew on the wings of the wind.

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And after forty days:  He ascended to the heavens:  with honor and glory:  and sat at the right hand of His father.
Ouoh menenca `hme `n`ehoou@  afsenaf `e`pswi `enivyoui@  qen ou`wou nem outaio@  afhemci caouinam `mPefiwt.
According to what David has said:  by the Holy Spirit:  "The Lord said to my Lord:  Sit at My right hand."
Kata `vry] `etafjoc@  `nje Dauid qen Pi`pneuma e;ouab@  je peje `P[oic `m`P[oic@  je hemci cataouinam.
The heavenly and the earthly:  the principalities and the authorities:  and those who are under the earth:  were subdued to His majesty.
Au[nejwou `mpef`amahi@  `nje na `tve nem na `pkahi@  niar,y nem ni`exoucia@  nem nyetcapecyt `m`pkahi.
All the hosts of the heavens:  fell down and worshipped Him:  The heavenly and the earthly:  with blessings praised Him.
Nijom tyrou `nte nivyoui@  auhitou `eqryi auouwst `mmof@  na nivyoui nem na `pkahi@  qen han`cmou auhwc `erof.
He ascended to the heaven:  of heavens towards the east:  that He may send to us the Comforter:  the Spirit of Truth.
Afsenaf `e`pswi `e`tve@  `nte `tve ca nima`nsai@  hina `ntefouwrp nan `mpiparaklyton@  Pi`pneuma `nte ]me;myi.
Wherefore let us glorify:  His Holy Ascension:  May He have compassion on us:  and forgive us our sins.
E;be vai maren]`wou@  `ntefan`alum'ic e;ouab@  marefsana`h;yf qaron@  `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.
Alleluia. Alleluia:  Alleluia. Alleluia:  Christ has risen from the dead:  and ascended to the heavens.
A=l A=l@  A=l A=l@  P=,=c aftwnf `ebolqen nye;mwout@  ouoh afsenaf `e`pswi `enivhoui.
This is He to Whom the glory is due:  with His Good Father:  and the Holy Spirit:  now and forever.
Vai `ere pi`wou er`prepi naf@  nem Pefiwt `n`aga;oc@  nem Pi`pneuma e;ouab@  icjen ]nou nem sa `eneh.