Ascension Hymns

He shook heaven and went up with clouds under His feet
He rode on the Cherubim and flew, He flew on the wings of the wind.

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Communion Hymn: Afrek Etve

He shook heaven and went up:  with clouds under His feet:  He rode on the Cherubim and flew:  He flew on the wings of the wind.
Afrek `tve af`i `epecyt@  ouoh ou`gnovoc afswpi qa nef[alauj@  afolf `ejen ni,eroubim afhalai@  afhalai `ejen nitenh `nte ni;you.
Let the heavens be glad:  and the earth rejoice:  Let all the nations:  of the Orthodox faithful rejoice.
Marouounof `nje nivyoui@  ouoh maref;elyl `nje `pkahi@  marourasi `nte nivuly tyrou@  `nte nipictoc `nor;odoxoc.

For Christ, the Divine, the Only Begotten, ascended to the heavens.
Je P=,=c pimonogenyc `nnou] afsenaf `e`pswi `enivyoui.
Let us say with the hymnist:  "God has ascended joyfully:  and the Lord, with the sound of the trumpet:  sat on His throne."
Marenjoc nem pihumnodoc@  afsenaf `e`pswi `nje `Vnou] qen ou;elyl@  ouoh `P[oic qen ou`cmy `ncalpiggoc@  afhemci hijen pef`;ronoc.
Lift up your doors, O you heads:  and be lifted up, you eternal doors:  The King of Glory shall enter:  Jesus Christ is the King of Glory.
Vai `nnetenpuly `e`pswi niar,wn@  [ici `mmwten nipuly `n`eneh@  ef`e`i eqoun `nje `pouro `nte `p`wou@  I=y=c P=,=c pe `pouro `nte `p`wou.
O clap your hands all you nations:  praise the Lord with a new song:  He, Who ascended to the heaven:  of heavens towards the East.
Nie;noc tyrou kwlh `nnetenjij@  hwc `e`P[oic qen ouhwc `mberi@  vy`etafsenaf `e`pswi `e`tve@  `nte `tve canima`nsai.
Thus said the Lord to my Lord:  "Sit at My Right Hand:  so that I may put Your enemies:  under Your feet."
Pairy] peje `P[oic `mPa[oic@  je hemci cataouinam@  sa ],w `nnekjaji@  capecyt `npek[alauj.
He ascended to the heavens:  the angels and the powers:  and the authorities submitted to Him:  according to what was spoken by the Apostle.
Afsenaf `e`pswi `enivyoui@  au[nejwou naf `nje hanaggeloc@  nem hanjom nem hanexoucia@  kata `pcaji `mpi`apoctoloc.