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Those whom the Holy Spirit has tuned together like a harp always praising God
With Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, day and night with an unceasing heart.

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The Hymn of the Censer (Tai Shouri)

This censer of pure gold, bearing the aroma, is in the hands of Aaron the priest, offering up incense upon the altar.
Taisoury `nnoub `nka;aroc etfai qa pi`arwmata etqen nenjij `nA`arwn piouyb eftale ou`c;oinoufi `e`pswi `ejen pima`nerswousi.
هذه المجمرة الذهب النقي الحاملة العنبر، التي في يدي هرون الكاهن، يرفع بخورا على المذبح.