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Those whom the Holy Spirit has tuned together like a harp always praising God
With Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, day and night with an unceasing heart.

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Response for Placing the Crowns


Place the crowns O priest of Emmanuel,
Place the crowns O shepherd of Israel,
Place the crowns in glory and joy,
upon (...) the bridegroom and (...) the bride.
ضع الأكاليل يا كاهن عمانوئيل،
ضع الأكاليل يا راعي إسرائيل،
ضع الأكاليل بفرح وتهليل،
ل(...) العريس و (...) العروس.



O Lord hear us, have mercy on us, O Lord bless us.
P[oic cwtem `eron@ P[oic nai nan@  P[oic `cmou eron.
يا رب إسمعنا، يا رب إرحمنا، يا رب باركنا.