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Introduction to the Bride's Commandments


Listen O bride and incline your ear,
Forget your people and your father's house,
For your chastity has appealed to the bridegroom,
For he is your husband and to him you will submit.
إسمعي يا إبنة وإصغي بسمعك،
وإنسي شعبك وبيت ابيك،
لأن العريس راق له طهرك،
فهو زوجك وله تخضعين.



O Lord hear us, have mercy on us, O Lord bless us.
P[oic cwtem `eron@ P[oic nai nan@  P[oic `cmou eron.
يا رب إسمعنا، يا رب إرحمنا، يا رب باركنا.