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Ic Pateer (Great)

Amen.  One is the holy Father.  One is the holy Son.  One is the Holy Spirit.  Amen.
Amyn@  ic Patyr `agioc@  ic Uioc `agioc en `Pneuma `agion@  `amyn.
With You is the Rule in the Day of Your power, in the brightness of the saints.  From the womb before the morning star, I have begotten You.
`Csop nemak `nje ]ar,y qen `p`ehoou `nte tekjom qen `vouwini `nte nye;ouab@  `ebolqen `;neji qajwf `mpiciou `nte han`atooui@  `anok ai`jvok.
The lord has sworn and will have no regret, "You are a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek."
Afwrk `nje P[oic@  ouoh `nnefouwm `n`h;yf@  je `n;ok pe `vouyb sa `eneh@  kata `ttaxic `mMel,icedek.
Our holy father, the high priest, Pope Abba Tawadros
Peniwt e;ouab  `nar,i`ereuc papa abba Tawadroc

In the presence of a bishop:
And his partner in the apostolic liturgy, our holy father the bishop Abba (...)
Nem pefke`svyr `nlitourgoc `n`apoctolikoc peniwt e;ouab `n`pickopoc abba (...)

The deacon continues:
May the God of heaven keep him (them) on his throne (their thrones) for many years and peaceful times.
Vnou] `nte `tve@  ef`etajrof (ef`etajrwou) hijen pef`;ronoc (nou`;ronoc)@  `nhanmys `nrompi@  nem hancyou `nhirynikon.
May He subdue all his (their) enemies under his (their) feet speedily.
Ntef;ebi`o `nnefjajii (`nnoujaji) tyrou capecyt `nnef[alauj (`nnou[alauj) `n,wlem.
Ask Christ on our behalf to forgive us our sins, in peace, according to His great mercy.
Twbh `ePi,rictoc `e`hryi `ejwn `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol qen ouhiryny kata pefnis] `nnai.
Blessed be the Lord God for ever.  Amen.
Eulogytoc Kurioc `o :eoc ic touc `e`wnac@  `amyn.
Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles.  Laud Him, all your peoples.  For His mercy has been strengthened toward us; and the truth of the Lord abides forever.  Amen.  Alleluia.
Nie;noc tyrou `cmou `eP[oic@  marou`cmou `erof `nje nilaoc tyrou@  je `apefnai tajro `e`hryi `ejwn@  ouoh ]me;myi `nte P[oic sop sa `eneh@  `amyn allylouia.