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End of Service Hymn (Aketchi)

You have received the grace of Moses, the priesthood of Melchizedek:
Ak[i `t,aric `mMw`ucyc@  ]metouyb `nte Mel,icedek@
The full age of Jacob, the long life of Methuselah:
}metqello `nte Iakwb@  pinoj `n`ahi `nte Ma;oucala@
The excellent understanding of David, the wisdom of Solomon:
Pika] etcwtp `nte Dauid@  ]covia `nte Colomwn@
And the Spirit of comfort who has settled upon the apostles.
Pi`pneuma `mparaklyton vyetaf`i `ejen ni`apoctoloc.
May the Lord preserve the life and the rising of our honored father, the high priest Pope Abba Tawadros:
P[oic `e`e`areh `e`pwnq nem `ptaho `eratf `mpeniwt ettaiyout `nar,i`ereuc papa abba Tawadroc@

If a petropolitan or a bishop is present, the following verse is added:
And our father, metropolitan (bishop) (...)
Nem peniwt `mmytropolytyc (`n`epickopoc) abba (...)

Then continued by the following:
May God of heaven confirm him (them) on his (their) throne(s) for many years and peaceful times.
Vnou] `nte `tve ef`etajrof (ef`etajrwou) hijen pef`;ronoc (nou`;ronoc)@  `nhanmys `nrompi nem hancyou `nhirynikon.
And subdue all of his (their) enemies under his (their) feet speedily.
Ntef;ebio `nnefjaji (`nnoujaji) tyrou capecyt `nnef[alauj (`nnou[alauj) `n,wlem.
Ask Christ, on our behalf, to forgive us our sin in peace, according to His great mercy.
Twbh `eP=,=c `e`hryi `ejwn@  `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol qen ouhiryny kata pefnis] `nnai.