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Pray that God may have mercy and compassion on us, hear us, help us, and accept the supplications and prayers of His saints, for that which is good on our behalf at all times
Twbh hina `nte Vnou] nai nan@  `ntefsenhyt qaron@  `ntefcwtem `eron@  `nteferbo`y;in `eron@  `ntef[i `nni]ho nem nitwbh `nte nye;ouab `ntaf@  `ntotou `e`hryi `ejwn `epi`aga;on `ncyou niben

If a pope, metropolitan or a bishop is present, the following phrase is inserted:
And to keep the life and standing of our honored father, Papa Abba Tawadros, and his partner in the liturgy, our father the metropolitan (bishop), Abba (...)
`ntefareh `e`pwnq nem `ptaho `eratf `mpeniwt ettaiyout `nar,i`ereuc papa abba Tawadroc nem pefke`svyr `nlitourgoc peniwt `mmytropolytyc (`n`epickopoc) abba (...)

Then continue with the following:
and forgive us our sins.
`ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.