Great Lent the Ascetic

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Great Lent - Weekdays

Matins: Doxology Text Matins: Doxology
Matins: Eklenomen Tagonata Text Matins: Eklenomen Tagonata Hazzat Matins: Eklenomen Tagonata
Matins: Gospel Response Text Matins: Gospel Response
Liturgy: Gospel Response Text Liturgy: Gospel Response Musical Notes Liturgy: Gospel Response
Liturgy: Psalm 150 Text Liturgy: Psalm 150 Hazzat Liturgy: Psalm 150
Liturgy: Je Efesmarouwt Text Liturgy: Je Efesmarouwt Hazzat Liturgy: Je Efesmarouwt
Liturgy: Hymn for Communion Text Liturgy: Hymn for Communion Hazzat Liturgy: Hymn for Communion