Annual Hymns

"For Thou Thyself art He who offers and is offered,
who accepts and is distributed" (Prayer of the Cherubic Hymn)

Tunes > Annual > Liturgy of the Word: Praxis Response (Shere Ne Maria)

Praxis Response (Shere Ne Maria)

<e(zzx xx.zqe xs.x x xx.
x v zz x x.x x zz.
v zzz.z x x x xx.zAzA.
v zzc zqe.z x x xxs.+z cd.
-vv.x x cd.)2

zzx xx.zqe xs.x x xx.
x.+x x cd.
c.w c.w x cd.x cd.
v zzz.(w zzz.)3
vv.-xx cd.x x cd.

+zz.x rezzz.z xx.-vv.
nex x cd.
c.w zzz.+xss xss.
zzx xx.x x +ccd +z cd.
vv.-xx cd.x x cd.

c.w c.w x cd.x cd.
v zz.x zzz.(xss.)2
x x z x +z -cd.
zqe.z x x -x cd.
x x.-zc x zzc.x x xx.
x zzc.vvf. xS S.+xx cd.zz x cd.
c.w zz.+xx cd.zz vvff..

zz cc Max x rizc ax x.x x.x cd.
x a@ ]-x.cdd.xx zc -c [zrozzmpizz. ex x.x cd.z x ;nex.zzcwc c.
;yz`ezztax cmix x cix x. nax x.x x.x cd.
x n@  `-x.cdd.xx zc -c m `zVnouzz]zz. pix x.x cd.z x lox.zzgocd c.