Apostles Feast Hymns

Through the prayers of my masters and fathers the apostles, our father Peter and our teacher Paul
O Lord, grant us the forgiveness of our sins.

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Peter the Apostle:  and Paul the Wise:  the heads of the disciples:  of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Petroc pi`apoctoloc@  nem Pauloc picovoc@  niar,y `mma;ytyc@  `nte Pen[oic I=y=c P=,=c.
Peter and Paul:  destroyed the power of Satan:  and they restored the nations:  to the faith of the Trinity.
Petroc nem Pauloc@  aukwrf `n`tjom `nte `pcatanac@  ouoh autac;o `nnie;noc@  `eqoun `e`vnah] `n}`triac.
Peter and Paul:  are the spiritual priests:  They demolished the temples:  and the worship of idols.
Petroc nem Pauloc@  de on niouyb `m`pneumatikon@  afsorser `nniervyoui@  nem `psemsi `nn`iidwlon.
Peter and Paul:  are both workers and craftsmen:  They restored all the nations:  once more to the Creator.
Petroc nem Pauloc@  eucop nyergatyc `nreferhwb@  autac;o `nnie;noc tyrou@  `epiref;amio `nkecop.
Peter and our teacher Paul:  were in the stadium:  of the apostleship:  with great struggle.
Petroc nem pencaq Pauloc@  auswpi qen pi`ctadion@  `nte ]met`apoctoloc@  qen ounis] `nagwn.
Our father Peter was made perfect:  with death on the cross:  in the great city of Rome:  for the name of Jesus Christ.
Peniwt Petroc jwk `ebol@  qen oumou `nte pi`ctauroc@  qen ]nis] `mpolic Rwme@  e;be `vran `nI=y=c P=,=c.
Paul also likewise:  was beheaded in that place:  by King Nero:  all in one day.
Pauloc de on `mpairy]@  au`wli `ntef`ave `mmau@  e`bolhiten `pouro Niron@  qen pi`ehoou `nouwt.
They received glory from Christ the King:  and they rested with Him:  in His eternal kingdom:  in the everlasting life.
Ausep `wou ha `pouro P=,=c@  ouo au`mton `mmwou nemaf@  qen tefmetouro `n`eneh@  nem piwnq efmyn `ebol.
And we also honor them:  with King David, them hymnist:  "Their voice went forth:  over the face of all the earth."
Anon de hwn tentaio `mmwou@  nem Dauid `pouro pihumnodoc@  ge `a pou`qrwou senaf `ebol@  hijen `pho `m`pkahi tyrf.
Pray to the Lord on our behalf:  O my masters and fathers, the apostles:  our father, Peter and our teacher, Paul:  that He may forgive us our sins.
Twbh `mP[oic `e`hryi `ejwn@  `w na[oic `nio] `n`apoctoloc@  peniwt Petroc nem pencaq Pauloc@  `ntef,a nennoubi nan `ebol.