Annual Hymns

"For Thou Thyself art He who offers and is offered,
who accepts and is distributed" (Prayer of the Cherubic Hymn)

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The Hymn of Blessing (Ten Ouosht)

We worship the Father of the Light:  and His Only-Begotten Son:  and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter:  The One in Essence Trinity.
Ten`ouwst `m`Viwt `nte pi`ouwini@ nem pefsyri `mmonogenyc@ nem pi`Pneuma `mparaklyton@ ]`triac `nomooucioc.
نسجد لآب النور:  وإبنه الوحيد الجنس: والروح القدس المعزي:  الثالوث الواحد في الجوهر.