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"For Thou Thyself art He who offers and is offered,
who accepts and is distributed" (Prayer of the Cherubic Hymn)

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Aspazeste (Greet One Another)

Greet one another with a holy kiss.  Amen.  Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.
Acpazec;e allylouc en vilymati `agiw@  `amyn Kuri`e `ele`ycon@  Kuri`e `ele`ycon@  Kuri`e `ele`ycon.
O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, hear us and have mercy upon us.
Ete vai pe Iycouc Pi,rictoc@  `Psyri `mVnou]@  cwtem `eron@  ouoh nai nan.
Let us stand well, let us stand reverently, let us stand earnestly, let us stand in peae, let us stand in the fear of God, trembling and stunned.
`Ctwmen kalwc@  `ctwmen eulabwc@  `ctwmen ektenwc@  `ctwmen en`iryny@  `ctwmen meta vobou :eou ke `tromou ke katanuxewc.
O clergy and all the people, with prayer and thanksgiving with dignity and silence,
Pi`klyroc nem pilaoc tyrf@  qen outwbh nem ousep`hmot@  nem oucemni nem ou,arwf.
raise your eyes toward the East to see the altar and the Body and Blood of Immanuel our Lord placed upon it.
Fai `nnetenval `e`pswi `e`pca `n]etennau `epi;uciac tyrion@  `ere picwma nem pi`cnof `nte Emmanouyl Pennou] ,y `e`hryi `ejwf.
The angels and archangels are standing, the seraphim with six wings and the cherubim full of eyes are covering their faces because of the splendor of His great glory, which is invisible and ineffable,
Ere niaggeloc `ohi `eratou@  nem niar,iaggeloc@  niceravim na picoou `ntenh@  nem ni,eroubim e;meh `mbal@  euhwbc `nnouho@  e;be `;metcai`e `nte pefnis] `n`wou@  `nat`ser;ewrin `mmof@  ouoh `nat`scaji `mmof.
praising in one voice, proclaiming and saying:  "Holy, holy, holy, Lord of hosts, heaven and earth are full of Your holy glory."
Euhwc qen ou`cmy `nouwt@  euws `ebol eujw `mmoc@  je `agioc `agioc `agioc Kurioc cabaw;@  `plyryc `o ouranoc ke `ygy tyc `agiac cou doxyc.