Resurrection Hymns

Christ is risen from the dead: by death He trampled over death:
and to those who were in the graves: He granted life.

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Aspasmos Watos

Then He was placed in ithe tomb:  according to the prophetic voices:  On the third day:  Christ is risen from the dead.
Loipon au,af qen pi`mhau@ kata ni`cmy `m`provytikon qen pimah somt `n`ehoou@  P=,=c `anecty ek nekrwn.
وأيضاً ُوضغ فى القبر، حسب الأصوات النبويه، وفى اليوم الثالث قام المسيح من بين الأموات.
Alleluia.  Alleluia. Alleluia:  Jesus Christ, the King of Glory:  is risen from the dead:  Save us and have mercy on us.
A=l =a=l =a=l@ I=y=c P=,=c `pouro `nte `p`wou@ aftwnf `ebolqen nye;mwout@  cw] `mmon ouoh nai nan.
الليلويا. الليلويا. الليلويا. يسوع المسيح ملك المجد قام من بين الأموات. خلصنا وارحمنا.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of hosts, heaven and earth are full of Your holy glory.
`Agioc `agioc `agioc@  Kurioc cabaw;@  `plyryc `o ouranoc ke `y gy@  tyc `agiac cou doxyc.
قُدوس قُدوس قُدوس رَبُ الصاباؤت. السَماء والأرضُ مَملوءَتانِ مِن مَجدِكَ الأقدس.