Apostles Fast Hymns

Their voices went forth over the face of all the earth,
and their words have reached the ends of the world.

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Aspasmos Watos

Our holy fathers, the apostles:  He guided them to bring the world back to the knowledge of the truth.
Nenio] e;ouab `n`apoctoloc@  `n;of eter[aumwit qajwou sa `ntoutac;o `n]oikoumeny `eqoun `e`pcouen `n]me;myi.
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.  (Bless the herbs and the plants.)  May Your mercy and Your peace be a fortress to Your people.
Allylouia allylouia allylouia@  (`cmou `enici] nem nicim)@  mare peknai nem tekhiryny@  oi `ncobt `mpeklaoc.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of hosts, heaven and earth are full of Your holy glory.
`Agioc `agioc `agioc@  Kurioc cabaw;@  `plyryc `o ouranoc ke `y gy@  tyc `agiac cou doxyc.