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Hymn for Communion

The Good and Lover of Mankind:  My Lord Jesus, I ask You:  Do not place me on Your left:  along with the goats, the sinners.
Pimairwmi `n`aga;oc@  Pa[oic I=y=c ]]ho `erok@  `mperhit caja[y `mmok@  nem nibaempi `nrefernobi.
And do not tell me:  I do not know you:  Get away from me:  you who are ready for eternal fire.
Oude on `mperjoc nyi@  je ]cwoun `mmok an@  masenak `ebol haroi@  `wvy`etcebtwt `mpi`,rwm `n`eneh.
For I do know in truth:  that I am a sinner:  and all my deeds which are bad:  are present before me.
}`emi gar qen oume;myi@  je `anok ourefernobi@  ouoh na`hbyoui tyrou ethwou@  ceouwnh `ebol `mpek`m;o.
I speak with the voice of the publican:  crying out saying:  O God forgive me:  for I am a sinner.
}jw `n`t`cmy `nte pitelwnyc@  eiws `ebol eijw `mmoc@  je `Vnou] ,w nyi ebol@  je `anok ourefernobi.
I have sinned, I have sinned:  My Lord Jesus forgive me:  for there is no servant without sin:  nor a master without forgiveness.
Aiernobi aiernobi@  Pa[oic I=y=c ,w nyi `ebol@  je `mmon bwk `naternobi@  oude `mmon [oic `nat,w `ebol.
Give me, O Lord, repentance:  in order that I may repent:  before death shuts me:  within the gates of Hades.
Moi nyi `P[oic `noumetanoia@  `e`pjintaermetanoin@  `mpate `vmou ma`s;am `nrwi@  qen nipuly `nte `amen].
And give me also an answer:  for all that I did:  the righteous Judge, Jesus:  He will judge me.
Ouoh on `nta]logoc@  qa nai tyrou `etaiaitou@  pi`krityc `mmyi I=y=c@  `n;of e;na]hap `eroi.
My savior is merciful:  and compassionate toward His people:  He is Good and Lover of Mankind:  Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.
Ourefsenhyt pe Pacwtyr@  ef`esenhyt qa peflaoc@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@  nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.