Paramoune of Nativity Hymns

The Being before all ages and the only Creator
the Destroyer of the bonds of sin was wrapped in sackcloth.

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I saw all the creation today:  glowing with a bright light:  because of the great manifestation:  which was announced to us.
Ainau `e]`ktycic tyrc `mvoou@  `cerlampin qen ounis] `nouwini@  e;be ]nis] `n;e`wri`a@  `etauouwnh nan `ebol.
For the One without flesh was incarnate:  and was born of the Virgin:  like everybody else:  but as God as well as man.
Je piatcarx af[icarx@  acmacf@  `nje ]par;enoc@  `m`vry] `nouon niben@  eroi `nnou] eroi `nrwmi.
Bethlehem, the city of David:  takes pride joyfully:  for she received unto herself in the body:  He, Who is on the Cherubim.
By;leem `;baki `nDauid@  sousou `mmoc qen ou;elyl@  je acfai cwmatikoc@  qa vy`et hijen ni,eroubim.
The Being before all ages:  and the only Creator:  the Destroyer of the bonds of sin:  was wrapped in sackcloth.
Vy`etsop vy`enafsop@  ouoh pirefcwnt `mmauatf@  vy`etcwlp@  `n`cnauh `nte `vnobi@  aukoulwlf  `nhantwici.
The Virgin Mary:  and Joseph and Salome:  marveled very much:  when they saw Him.
}par;enoc Mariam@  nem Iwcyv nem Calwmi@  auer`svyri `emasw@  e;be ny`etaunau `erou.
The principalities of the heavens:  sing on earth:  this holy hymn:  crying out saying.
Ni`ctratia `nte nivyoui@  euerhumnoc hijen pikahi@  eujw `ntaihumnoc e;ouab@  euws `ebol eujw `mmoc.
“Glory to God in the Highest:  peace on earth:  and goodwill toward men:  for He has come and saved us.”
Je ou`wou qen nyet[oci `m`Vnou]@  nem ouhiryny hijen pikahi@  nem ou]ma] qen nirwmi@  je a`fi ouoh afcw] `mmon.
The shepherds in the field:  came and worshipped Him:  We also worship Him:  and witness to Him.
Niman`ecwou etqen `tkoi@  au`i ouoh auouwst `mmof@  anon hwn tenouwst `mmof@  ouoh `ntenerme;re qarof.
For He has come into the world:  and was born of the Virgin:  and saved our race:  from the evil devil.
Je `n;of a`fi `epikocmoc@  acmacf `ebolqen ]par;enoc@  ouoh afcw] `mpengenoc@  ebol ha pidi`aboloc ethwou.
We praise Him and glorify Him:  and exalt Him above all:  as Good Lover of Mankind:  Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.
Tenhwc `erof ten]`wou naf@  tenerhou`o [ici `mmof@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@  nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.