Passion (Pascha) Week - Good Friday Hymns

This is He who presented Himself upon the Cross, an acceptable sacrifice for the salvation of our race.
His Good Father inhaled His sweet aroma on Golgotha at the time of the evening.

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6th Hour Psalm

I am, the beloved, rejected as a despised dead man; for they naileed my flesh.  Abandon me not, O my Master and my God.  Alleluia.
Auberbwrt `ebol `anok pimenrit@  `m`vry] `nourefmwout eforeb@  ouoh au]ift etacarx@  `mper,at`ncwk `P=o=c panou]@  =a=l@
The pierced my hands and my feet.  They counted all my bones; They parted my garments among themselves, and cat lots upon my raiment.  He hoped in the Lord; let him deliver him, let him save him, because he takes pleasure in him.  Alleluia.
Au[wak `ntot nem rat auwp `nnakac tyrou@  auvws `nnahbwc e`hrau ouoh tahebcw auhiwp eroc@  aucaji qen noucvotou aukim `ntouave@  aujoc je icje afnah] aferhelpic e`P=o=c marefnahmef@  mareftou jof icje afouasf@  =a=l.