Pentecost Hymns

Your Holy Spirit O Lord, do not take away from us O Good One,
but renew Him within us

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Adam Psali

Christ our God:  the King of Ages:  the head of our salvation:  has sent the Comforter.
`A P=,=c pennou]@  `pouro `nte ni`ewn@  `t`apar,y `mpencw]@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Everyone glorifies You:  O Heavenly King:  and worships before you:  O Spirit, the Comforter.
Bon niben ce]`wou nak@  `w piouro `n`epouranion@  ecouwst nahrak@  Pi=p=n=a `mparaklyton.
For the apostles:  in the upper room of Zion:  He truly appeared to them:  and sent the Comforter.
Ge gar ni`apoctoloc@  qen `;bahmi `nte Ciwn@  afouonhf `erwou aly;wc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Truly He spoke to them:  about the mysteries:  which He performed:  He sent the Comforter.
Dikewc afjoc nwou@  e;be nimuctyrion@  etaf`iri `mmwou@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Upon the Apostles:  and they have preached to us:  crying out saying:  “He sent the Comforter.”
`Ejen ni`apoctoloc@  auhiwis `mmon@  euws `ebol eujw `mmoc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Much more:  the Gospels have taught:  in the name of our King:  He sent the Comforter.
Zeos au]`cbw@  `nje nieuaggelion@  qen `vran `mpenouro@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Behold, the Apostles:  have taught us:  They baptized the nations:  He sent the Comforter.
Yppe ni`apoctoloc@  au]`cbw `mmon@  au]wmc `nnie;noc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Rejoice O prophets:  with the righteous ones:  for the Master:  has sent the Comforter.
:elyl ni`provytyc@  nem nidikeon@  je pidecpotyc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Jesus Christ:  ascended to heaven:  and upon the apostles:  He sent the Comforter.
I=y=c P=,=c@  afsenaf `eouranon@  ejen ni`apoctoloc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Whenever I speak:  about Your mysteries:  my heart rejoices:  He sent the Comforter.
Ke qar aisancaji@  e;be nekmuctyrion@  pahyt ef`erasi@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Rejoice O faithful:  let us celebrate spiritually:  with the apostles:  He sent the Comforter.
:elyl `w nipictoc@  tenersai `m=p=n=atikon@  nem ni`apoctoloc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Let us truly praise:  Christ, Who created us:  Our Lord Jesus Christ:  has sent the Comforter.
Marenhwc kalwc@  `eP=,=c vy`etaf;amion@  Pen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
The prophets:  and the righteous ones:  spoke about the Messiah:  He sent the Comforter.
Ni`provytyc@  nem nidikeon@  aucaji e;be Maciac@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Blessed are You truly:  We ask You to save us:  We Your faithful people:  He sent the Comforter.
Xmarwout `aly;wc@  ten]ho nahmen anon@  pe peklaoc `mpictoc@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Glory be to You:  with Your Holy Father:  You are exceedingly blessed:  the Spirit the Comforter.
Ou`wou nak@  nem pekiwt `n`agioc@  `k`erhou`o `cmarwout@  Pi=p=n=a `mparaklyton.
Christ, our Master:  the Treasury of Good things:  the Holy Spirit:  He sent the Comforter.
P=,=c pennyb@  pi;ucauroc `nte pi`aga;on@  Pi=p=n=a E=;==u@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Rejoice O faithful:  with a spiritual feast:  for Jesus Christ:  has sent the Comforter.
Rasi `w nipictoc@  `nousai `m=p=n=atikon@  je I=y=c P=,=c@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Yes, we ask You:  to sprinkle us:  with Your hyssop:  He sent the Comforter.
Ce ten]ho `erok@  ek`enoujq ejwn@  `mpeksenhucwpon@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Then you shall purify us:  and also wash us:  we shall be made whiter than snow:  He sent the Comforter.
Tote ek`etoubon@  ek`erwqi `mmon de on@  en`eoubas `ehote ou,iwn@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
O Son of God, have mercy on us:  have compassion on us:  according to Your great mercy:  He send the Comforter.
U=c :=c nai nan@  ek`esenhyt qaron@  kata peknis] `nnai@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
The light of Your authority:  has shone upon us:  O Jesus, the Lover of Mankind:  He sent the Comforter.
`Vouwini `mpekersisi@  af`erouwini eron@  I=y=c pimairwmi@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
Holy, Holy, Holy:  it is meet and right:  with Your Holy Father:  He sent the Comforter.
`<ouab `,ouab `,ouab@  `axion ke dikeon@  nem Pekiwt E=;=u@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
The rest of our race:  in truth:  keep them, O my Lord:  He sent the Comforter.
"epi `mpengenoc@  qen oualy;inon@  areh `erwou Pa=o=c@  afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
O Christ our Master:  Remember our father:  the blessed, Abba Tawadros:  the archbishop.
`W pennyb P=,=c@  ari`vmeu`i `mpimakarioc@  meniwt abba Tawadroc@  piar,i`epickopoc.