Passion (Pascha) Week - General Hours Hymns

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities(Isa 53:5)

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Old Testament Readings

From (the book of) Genesis (Exodus or Deuteronomy) of Moses, the prophet: May his holy blessings be with us. Amen.
Ebolqen ]genecic (piezodoc ie pideuteronomion) `nte Mw`ucyc pi`provytyc@ `ere pef`cmou e;ouab swpi neman `amyn.

Glory to the Holy Trinity our God, unto the age of all ages: Amen.
Ou`wou `n]`triac e;ouab pennou] sa `eneh nem sa `eneh `nte ni`neh tyrou@ `amyn.