Paramoune of Epiphany Hymns

The sea saw and fled:  and the Jordan turned back:
What happened, O sea, that you fled?  Stand firm so that you will be blessed.

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Verses of Cymbals

Hail to John:  the great forerunner:  Hail to the priest:  the kinsman of Emmanuel.
<ere Iwannyc@  pinis] `m`prodromoc@  ,ere piouyb@  `pcuggenyc `nEmmanouyl.
The mouth of God witnessed to you:  O John the Baptist:  for there is no one like you:  among those born of women.
Rwf `m`Vnou] aferme;re qarok@  `w Iwannyc piref]wmc@  je `mmon vy`ettencwn] `erok@  qen nimici `nte nihiomi.