Paramoune of Nativity Hymns

The Being before all ages and the only Creator
the Destroyer of the bonds of sin was wrapped in sackcloth.

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Verses of Cymbals

said after St. Mary and Archangel Michael:
Hail to Gabriel:  the great archangel:  Hail to him who announced:  to Mary the Virgin.
<ere Gabriyl@  pinis] `nar,iaggeloc@  ,ere vy`etafhisennoufi@  `mMaria ]par;enoc.
O divine:  and marvelous birth pains:  of the Mother of God, Mary:  the Ever-Virgin.
W ninakhi `nnou]@  ouoh `nsouerf`svyri `mmwou@  `nte ];e`otokoc Maria@  etoi `mpar;enoc `ncyou niben.