Paramoune of Nativity Hymns

The Being before all ages and the only Creator
the Destroyer of the bonds of sin was wrapped in sackcloth.

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Gospel Response

The Virgin Mary:  and Joseph and Salome:  marveled very much:  when they saw Him.
}par;enoc Mariam@  nem Iwcyv nem Calwmi@  auer`svyri `emasw@  e;be ny`etaunau `erou.
For blessed is the Father and the Son:  and the Holy Spirit:  the perfect Trinity:  we worship Him and glorify Him.
Je `f`cmarwout `nje `Viwt nem `Psyri@  nem `Pi`pneuma E;ouab@  }`triac etjyk `ebol@  tenouwst `mmoc ten]`wou nac.